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What We Do:

We specialize in sourcing and recruiting substance abuse  MD’s NP,s PA,s - Compuray developed the Sapphire program (Substance Abuse Practitioner Placement-Hire!) to recruit the most qualified addiction practitioners with the required DEA prescribing credentials.We focus exclusively in recruitment strategies for addiction practitioners. Sapphire operates on a customer service based philosophy where the customers are the center of our agency. Absolutely everything we do revolves around providing quality service. We believe that the difference is in the details and the details must be handled efficiently and effectively to the customer's satisfaction. We are convinced that this approach is the best method of providing ultimate service to our clients.

Our Process:

We employ a rigorous process for evaluating candidates according to standards that reflect the values of our clients organization. Our goal is to place the right practitioner who will drive improvement in their practice and optimize the care, health, and wellness of their patients. (Our process)

Understand our clients workplace needs. In order to recruit addiction practitioners to your facility, it is essential to recognize and identify what attracts a practitioner to work in your workplace setting. Understanding the workplace needs and wants of a substance use practitioner can make the difference. The most obvious need and want is to be a part of a dynamic team with passionate leadership. Other factors include competitive pay, a drama free work environment, and a pro-provider culture.

Knowing the benefits. As a firm we ensure that the addiction practitioners you are looking to hire understand the added benefits you may offer. This might be as simple as convenience for a passive candidate wanting a shorter commute. A comprehensive benefit plan can be important but most often not the only factor in a job change.

Sourcing. The process of recruiting and hiring can seem like a long and daunting task. We do not want to waste your time and resources interviewing candidates that do not meet the required experience needed for your facility. Utilizing our specialized firm will help you to save both time and money. Utilizing job postings and resume banks have their place in the recruitment process, our successful placements more often come from passive recruitment of local candidates because some of the challenges of relocation. We have used most of the tried and true methods of sourcing but directly reaching out can often be most effective.

Word-of-mouth. The substance abuse treatment community is actually small in comparison to other specialties. Using word of mouth when looking for a qualified substance abuse practitioner is important, so we keep our ears open! We utilize our network of past, present, and prospective candidates to spread the word by offering referral bonuses and other financial incentives.

Advertising  We combine social media, email campaigns, and direct mail. Our conclusion is that all three work better in support of each other. Passive prospects are not instantly ready to be ‘candidates’ or ‘applicants.They need a bit more persuading.

Screening before the interview.  A strong prescreening process is one of the most valuable steps before presenting a candidate. Only after we determine the level of interest and qualifications do we schedule the practitioner meet you in person to have a sit down discussion/interview. We try to identify if the practitioner is  determined to meet your expectations. Speaking with and obtaining references from individuals who have worked with the candidate will give us understanding of their work attitude and overall work approach.

The recruitment needs for substance abuse nurse practitioners will continue to grow in the future. The need for these practitioners in the outpatient setting will increase as more addiction and opioid abuse disorders are treated in outpatient care. Recruiting the right prescriber for your facility is one of the most important factors in the overall success of your company.


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